Need for alternative Primary Cells and Media?

Does your current supplier has delivery problems for primary cell culture media or will you start a new project with primary cells? Use PromoCell's primary cells and their specialized media.

To help you in your decision to switch from your current supplier to PromoCell products we have a great offer! Buy 5 vials primary cells or 5 bottles of media get 1 for free!

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The Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot®

The Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® is an automated blot processor for incubating and washing blots and gels, after the transfer from gel to blot. It automatically processes Westerns, Northerns, and Southerns for very consistent conditions. Ideal for unattended staining of gels.

Throw out your timers! Don’t babysit your blots again!

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InVivoMAb anti-mouse CD16/CD32

Bio X Cell just introduced the new anti-mouse CD16/CD32 antibody, clone 2.4G2 (CatNo#BE0307). Perfect for use in flow cytometry staining to block binding of IgG to Fc receptors. Available in 5, 25 50, and 100 mg sizes!

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