New sampler kits for studying DNA repairs

DNA is important as a hereditary repository. However, many environmental factors and endogenous cellular processes result in a high frequency of DNA damage. DNA repair mechanisms are essential for the maintenance of genomic stability, maintenance of proper cellular function and survival for all organisms. GeneTex introduces their sampler kits with combinations of high quality antibodies. These sampler kits are convenient and efficient tools to study the mechanism of DNA repair.

Cat. No. Description AmountBrand
GTX300020Base Excision Repair Antibody Panel 11 kitGeneTex
GTX300021Base Excision Repair Antibody Panel 21 kitGeneTex
GTX300022Nucleotide Excision Repair Antibody Panel 11 kitGeneTex
GTX300023Nucleotide Excision Repair Antibody Panel 21 kitGeneTex
GTX300016Non-homologous End Joining Antibody Panel 11 kitGeneTex
GTX300017Non-homologous End Joining Antibody Panel 21 kitGeneTex
GTX300014Homologous Recombination Antibody Panel1 kitGeneTex
GTX300018DSB Relative Repair Antibody Panel1 kitGeneTex
GTX300010DSB Damage Recognition Antibody Panel - MRN complex1 kitGeneTex
GTX300009DSB Damage Recognition Antibody Panel - Response Protein1 kitGeneTex
GTX300011DSB Damage Recognition Antibody Panel - Signal Amplification1 kitGeneTex
GTX300012RPA Family Antibody Panel1 kitGeneTex

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