Cancer and Tumor Markers

As biomarkers found in blood, urine, stool or body tissues, tumor markers are substances produced by cancer cells or by other cells in the body in response to cancer condition. Most tumor markers are proteins overexpressed or mutated in cancerous tissues. Tumor markers help to detect, diagnose, and manage some types of cancer therapies. Although an elevated level of a tumor marker may suggest the presence of cancer, this a lone is not enough to dia gnose cancer. Therefore, measurements of tumor markers are usually combined with other tests, such as staining of biopsies using immunohistochemistry (IHC), to diagnose cancer.

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
ARG53696anti-alpha Tubulin antibody250 ul
ARG52539anti-B7-H3/CD276 antibody [SP206]100 ul
ARG52561anti-BCL6 antibody [SP155]100 ul
ARG52667anti-CD10 antibody [SP179]100 ul
ARG52673anti-CD117/c-kit antibody500 ul
ARG52704anti-CD16a antibody [SP189]100 ul
ARG52716anti-CD20 antibody500 ul
ARG52772anti-CD42b antibody [SP202]100 ul
ARG52786anti-CD45 antibody [SPM496]500 ul
ARG52803anti-CD68 antibody [SP251]100 ul
ARG52811anti-CD79a antibody500 ul
ARG52839anti-CDX2 antibody [SP54]100 ul
ARG52859anti-c-erbB-4/HER-4 antibody500 ul
ARG52865anti-Chromogranin A antibody500 ul
ARG52873anti-Claudin-10 antibody250 ul
ARG52881anti-Claudin-5 antibody250 ul
ARG52893anti-Connexin-43 antibody250 ul
ARG52899anti-Cox2 antibody500 ul
ARG52907anti-CSF-1R antibody [SP211]100 ul
ARG52923anti-Cyclin D1 antibody [SP4]125 ul
ARG52943anti-Desmin antibody [SP138]100 ul
ARG52961anti-Dysferlin antibody500 ul
ARG53368anti-eNOS antibody500 ul
ARG53012anti-FAS Ligand antibody250 ul
ARG53014anti-FBXW7 antibody [SP237]100 ul
ARG53020anti-FGFR-3 antibody500 ul
ARG53026anti-FLK-1/KDR/VEGFR-2 antibody500 ul
ARG53038anti-FOXA1 antibody [SP88]100 ul
ARG53062anti-Galectin-1 antibody [SP247]100 ul
ARG10122anti-GFAP antibody [GF5]100 ug
ARG53134anti-ENT1 antibody [SP120]100 ul
ARG53136anti-HLA-DP alpha1 antibody [SP228]100 ul
ARG53174anti-Keratin 10 antibody250 ul
ARG53180anti-Keratin 14 antibody [SP53]100 ul
ARG53194anti-Keratin 20 antibody500 ul
ARG53200anti-Keratin 5 antibody500 ul
ARG53215anti-Keratin 8 antibody250 ul
ARG53248anti-LMO2 antibody [SP51]100 ul
ARG53294anti-MLH1 antibody500 ul
ARG10351anti-MUC16/CA125 antibody [X325]100 ug
ARG53336anti-Mucin-2/MUC-2 antibody [SPM512]250 ul
ARG53344anti-Myeloperoxidase / MPO antibody [SP72]100 ul
ARG53382anti-Nrf2 antibody250 ul
ARG63744anti-PAI1 / SERPINE1 antibody100 ug
ARG53430anti-Parathyroid Hormone Receptor 1 antibody500 ul
ARG53458anti-PHLPP2 antibody [SP220]100 ul
ARG53467anti-pI3KCA antibody [SP139]100 ul
ARG53469anti-PIM-1 antibody500 ul
ARG53495anti-Progesterone Receptor (PR) antibody [SP42]100 ul
ARG63094anti-Sialyl Lewis a antibody [121SLE]100 ug
ARG53570anti-Smad3 antibody250 ul
ARG53612anti-Stathmin antibody [SP49]100 ul
ARG53688anti-TGF beta (pan) antibody500 ul
ARG53674anti-TNF-R2 antibody500 ul
ARG53680anti-TRADD antibody250 ul
ARG53704anti-URI antibody [SP215]100 ul
ARG53727anti-VPAC2 antibody [SP235]100 ul
ARG53729anti-Wilm's Tumor (WT) antibody500 ul
ARG53737anti-ZAP-70 antibody250 ul

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