3D Tumorsphere Medium XF (prf)

Catalog number: C-28075
Brand: PromoCell
Packing: 250 ml
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Product specifications for - 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF (prf)

Product group: Cell Culture
Category: Media
Subcategory: Stem cell
Datasheet: Datasheet
  Research Use Only
UNSPSC: 41116155
Scientific information: 
Scientific info: The PromoCell 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF is a culture system developed for the standardized serial culture of cancer cell lines as tumorspheres/mammospheres. The formulation supports sustained cell proliferation allowing for serial passage of the 3D culture. Its serum-free and xeno-free formulation provides a culture environment devoid of all stimuli originating from non-defined materials.

The PromoCell 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF consists of a bottle of Basal Medium and one vial of SupplementMix. Adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium results in the complete medium.

Key features:
  • Establish 3D tumorsphere cultures directly from 2D cancer cell lines
  • Suitable for long-term routine culture of tumorspheres
  • Compatible with most commonly used cancer cell lines
  • Xeno-free and serum-free formulation
Safety information: 
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Synonyms: 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF phenol red-free; 3D Tumorsphere Medium XF prf; C-28075; PromoCell; PromoKine