Recombinant viruses are excellent tools to introduce genetic material into cells. Bio-Connect offers different virus (lentiviral, retroviral, adenoviral, and adeno-associated viral) expression systems with a variety of tools to improve your viral expression studies including: viral packaging systems, cell lines, premade controls, virus concentration, purification, titer/quantitation kits, and transduction reagents.

Below you can find some of the suppliers that we represent which have products in this category.

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Allele Biotechnology

  • Retroviral expression
  • Baculoviral expression
  • Pre-packaged virus
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Cell Biolabs

  • Adeno-associated virus expression
  • Adenoviral expression
  • Lentiviral expression
  • Retroviral expression
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Jena Bioscience

  • LEXSY eukaryotic protein expression
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