Unique first aid kit for corona prevention

EHBC: Eerste Hulp Bij Corona-kit

The ongoing pandemic of the newly identified SARS-CoV-2 requires immediate action from everyone around the globe. Therefore, prevention of infection with this virus has been at the top of the agenda for the past couple of months. Now that the immediate threat of extreme infection has passed in our region, most people are picking up their normal lives as much as possible. This will, however, definitely increase the risk of spreading the virus again. Over the past months, we have all become acquainted with the measures that can be taken to prevent catching the virus. We launch a first aid kit for corona prevention (EHBC) which contains a number of items that can come in handy when adjusting your workplace to those measures. In that way, Bio-Connect would like to aid you in picking up your daily routines again and continuing the research that will help our society forward.

Prevention of infection

The face masks, gloves and safety glasses are for personal protection in risky situations. The hand sanitizer can be used throughout the day when touching commonly used surfaces is inevitable. With the measuring and ‘keep distance’ tape you can mark areas in your lab or office to indicate where colleagues can work safely. The touch handsfree gadget allows you to open doors or press buttons without touching these with your fingers. This gadget can be cleaned easily.

Testing for infection

In case you suspect infection with the coronavirus, you can check for fever with the infrared thermometer. If the suspicion is serious, you can use the rapid test to see whether a person has encountered the virus. Read and follow the manual very carefully and see a medical professional if you have any doubts.

Inventory list

Pieces in box
Infrared thermometer (CE marked)
Rapid test with lancets, micropipettes, buffer, and disinfectant wipes
Extra micropipettes
Face masks type FFP2
Nitrileplus examination gloves
Safety glasses
Hand sanitizer, 500 ml
Tape ‘Keep a distance of 1,5 meter’
Measuring tape 150 cm
Gadget touch handsfree
Bio-Connect notepad
Commercial value
€ 395,-

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Disclaimer: Bio-Connect has put together this high-quality kit with great care, however we are not liable for the included articles.
Always consult the enclosed instructions from the supplier for correct use.

Instruction for use of the lancet:

Instruction for use of the rapid test: