FERTIUP high-performance media for mouse sperm cryopreservation

Sperm cryopreservation is a practical and cost-effective method of archiving mouse strains in the laboratory. FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® are high-performance media for mouse sperm cryopreservation, sperm preincubation and in vitro fertilization (IVF). When used in combination, FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® provide a high and stable fertilization rate using frozen-thawed mouse sperm. This will allow you to reproduce mice whenever you need them.

The FERTIUP® sperm cryoprotectant and sperm preincubation medium greatly improve fertilization rates of frozen-thawed sperm in C57BL/6 and 129 Mice strains, from less than 10% (using conventional methods) to more than 30%. In addition, our new CARD MEDIUM® enhances the fertility rate to over 80%.

It goes without saying that FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® have no reproduction toxicity of any kind.

Their newly developed system for sperm cryopreservation and IVF using FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® provides superior support for the safe and reliable preservation of your valuable mouse strains.


FERTIUP® and CARD MEDIUM® are reagents to stabilise and improve spermatozoa cryopreservation results and in vitro fertilization rates (IVF) for laboratory mice. The series of products consits of the following:
  1. FERTIUP® Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant (KYD-001-EX)
    →Reagent used when freezing sperm for storage.
  2. FERTIUP® Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium (KYD-002-EX)
    →Reagent used to pre-incubate sperm after thawing from frozen state. To perform before IVF.
  3. CARD MEDIUM® Mouse Fertilization Medium (KYD-003-EX)
    →Medium used for IVF.

Usage of FERTIUP alone will lead to higher fertilization rates, but combined usage with CARD MEDIUM will lead to even higher fertilization rates and success.

Feature and Advantages

  • High fertilization rate (over 80%).
  • Improvements in the management of genetically modified mice (Tg/KO).
  • Reduction in labor, facilities, and breeding cost.
  • Reduction in time required to expand a mouse colony.
  • Efficient production of strains which are notoriously difficult to breed.


Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
KYD-001-EXFERTIUP Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant: CPA1 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-001-EX-X5FERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant: CPA x55 x 1 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-001-05-EXFERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant: CPA0,5 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-001-05-EX-X5FERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Cryoprotectant: CPA x55 x 0,5 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-002-EXFERTIUP Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium: PM1 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-002-EX-X5FERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium: PM x55 x 1 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-002-05-EXFERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium: PM0,5 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-002-05-EX-X5FERTIUP((R)) Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium: PM x55 x 0,5 mlCosmo Bio
KYD-003-EXCARD MEDIUM1 kitCosmo Bio
KYD-005-EXFERTIUP PM 0.5ML-CARD MEDIUM set1 setCosmo Bio

Card Cold Transport Kit

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
KYD-006-EXCARD Cold Transport Kit1 setCosmo Bio
KYD-007-EXCold storage solution for cauda epididymides1 setCosmo Bio

Mouse General Freezing and Culture Medium

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
CSR-R-B071HTF10 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-B070HTF10 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-B075KSOM10 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-B074KSOM10 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-B081mWM10 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-B080mWM10 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-Y0780.25M sucrose10 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-Y0770.25M sucrose10 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-T0721M DMSO10 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-T073DAP21310 x 1 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-M084M210 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-M083M210 x 2 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-P138PB110 x 5 mlCosmo Bio
CSR-R-P185PB110 x 2 mlCosmo Bio

Peripheral Products

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
KYD-S020X10Sperm Straws (10 Pieces x 10 Units)10 pcCosmo Bio
KYD-S018Freezing Canister1 unitCosmo Bio
KYD-S025Straw Connector1 pcCosmo Bio
KYD-S021Triangular Cassette Short (10units)10 UnitCosmo Bio
KYD-S035Triangular Cassette Long (10units)10 UnitCosmo Bio
PHD-APT3-EXTouch Burner APT-31 unitCosmo Bio

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