Human Pericytes from Placenta

Pericytes are multipotent Mesenchymal-like cells found in association with small blood vessel walls. They are important for angiogenesis, the structural integrity of the microvasculature, and blood flow regulation. However, they can also develop into malignant tumors called hemangiopericytomas.

To date, pericytes have demonstrated the ability to differentiate into adipocytes, osteoblasts, fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, and phagocytes (macrophages).

Figure: Flow cytometric analysis of PromoCell Pericytes. > 98% of the cells are CD146+.


• Angiogenesis research
• Regenerative medicine research
• Oncology


• Non-hematopoietic multipotent mesenchymal-like cells
• Important in angiogenesis
• Routinely characterized by flow cytometry
• Isolated from human placenta

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
hPC-PL-c500.000 cellsPromoCell
hPC-PL-p500.000 cellsPromoCell
hPC-PL Pellet1 mio. cellsPromoCell

Pericyte Growth Medium

PromoCell Pericyte Growth Medium has been developed and optimized for the in vitro cultivation of human pericytes from all tissues. 

In standard culture media pericytes tend to grow slowly and undergo early senescence, whereas in PromoCell Pericyte Growth Medium the cells are optimally supported for cell proliferation and maintenance of multipotency. 

Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
Pericyte Growth Medium (Ready-to-use)500 mlPromoCell


The PromoCell DetachKit was developed for gentle and effective detachment of adherent primary human cells in culture. Each batch is tested on primary human cells. 

The DetachKit is optimized for primary human cells but can also be used for primary animal cells and cell lines. 

The kit contains three components:

  • HepesBSS (30 mM Hepes)
  • Trypsin / EDTA Solution (0.04 % / 0.03 %)
  • Trypsin Neutralizing Solution (TNS)
Cat. No.DescriptionAmountBrand
DetachKit-303 x 30 mlPromoCell
DetachKit-1253 x 125 mlPromoCell
DetachKit-2503 x 250 mlPromoCell

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