MedChem Express

MedChem Express (MCE) provides a wide range of research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and Natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use. MCE pays great attention on the purity, stability and activity of the compounds.

MCE always pays attention to the quality control. Strict quality control policy enables them to cater quality chemicals in the marketplace without any flaw. It is the key to their success. Not only does MCE provide the chemical test data, such as HNMR, LC-MS and HPLC, but they also provide the information of stability and activity of the products.

MCE chemists are highly experienced in preparing biologically active molecules that are both structurally and synthetically diverse. The volume of their product ranges from milligrams to kilograms scale. With rich experiences in customized chemical synthesis, MCE ensures on-time delivery of diversified compounds to meet all clients’ different requirements.

The MedChem Express product range is available through Bio-Connect. We are the distributor of their products in the Benelux. Contact our helpdesk if you have any questions.


To promote the broad range of high quality chemicals available from MedChem Express, Bio-Connect is pleased to be able to offer thousands of inhibitor samples (0.5-1 mg). Check out the inhibitors here.


MedChem Express best-selling compounds

Cat. No.DescriptionCAS No.Molecular WeightMolecular Formula
HY-15764AA 419259 (trihydrochloride)1435934-25-0592.00C29H37Cl3N6O
HY-15150Bemcentinib (R428)1037624-75-1506.64C30H34N8
HY-15689Epacadostat (INCB 024360)1204669-58-8438.23C11H13BrFN7O4S
HY-15186Ipatasertib (GDC-0068)1001264-89-6458.00C24H32ClN5O2
HY-12215Lorlatinib (PF-06463922)1454846-35-5406.41C21H19FN6O2
HY-16343CNB-598 (Maleate)155294-62-5565.74C31H35NO5S2
HY-10619Niraparib (MK-4827)1038915-60-4320.39C19H20N4O
HY-70062Pevonedistat (MLN4924)905579-51-3443.52C21H25N5O4S
HY-19322BPIM-447 (dihydrochloride)1820565-69-2513.38C24H25Cl2F3N4O
HY-80013ATHZ1 (Hydrochloride)
HY-15531Venetoclax (ABT-199)1257044-40-8868.44C45H50ClN7O7S

Major product lines

  • Anti-infection
  • Antibody-drug conjugates / ADCs related
  • Apoptosis
  • Cell cycle / DNA damage
  • GPCR / G protein
  • Immunology / Inflammation
  • JAK / STAT signaling
  • MAPK / ERK pathway
  • Membrane transporter / Ion channel
  • Metabolic enzyme / protease
  • Neuronal signaling
  • NF-kB
  • PI3K / Akt / mTOR
  • Protein tyrosine kinase / RTK
  • TGF-beta / Smad
  • Vitamin D related
  • Wnt / Hedgehog / Notch

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