Medium for Stem and Blood Cells

The PromoCell medium for stem and blood cells is formulated for either the optimal growth of specific cell types or to support the differentiation into the respective mature cells. Each lot is tested for its ability to support growth or differentiation, respectively. In addition, biochemical and sterility tests are performed*.

Each medium (Ready-to-use) consists of a bottle of Basal Medium and a vial of SupplementMix. Adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium results in 100 ml, 250 ml, or 500 ml complete medium. Some Media are provided with additional Cytokine Mixes to achieve optimal performance.

The shelf life of the Basal Medium is 9 months (at 4 to 8°C), and that of the SupplementMix is 12 months (at -20°C) from the date of manufacture. After adding the SupplementMix, the shelf life of the complete medium is 6 weeks (at 4 to 8°C).

Note: The media for stem and blood cells do not contain antibiotics.

If you require special media modifications, please contact our helpdesk.

*Certificates of analysis are available on request.

PromoCell Medium

Cat. No.DescriptionAmount
3D Tumorsphere Medium XF
C-280753D Tumorsphere Medium XF, phenol red-free250 ml
C-280703D Tumorsphere Medium XF250 ml
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Media
C-28009Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium 2 (Ready-to-use)500 ml
C-28019Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium DXF (Ready-to-use)500 ml
C-28016Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adipogenic Differentiation Medium 2 (Ready-to-use)100 ml
C-28012Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium (Ready-to-use)100 ml
C-28013Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteogenic Differentiation Medium (Ready-to-use)100 ml
C-28014Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenic Differentiation Medium w/o Inducers (Ready-to-use)100 ml
C-28015Mesenchymal Stem Cell Neurogenic Differentiation Medium (Ready-to-use)100 ml
Pericyte Media
C-28040Pericyte Growth Medium (Ready-to-use)500 ml
Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Media
C-28021Hematopoietic Progenitor Expansion Medium DXF500 ml
C-39890Cytokine Mix E for HPC-Expansion Medium DXF1 Mix for 100 ml
C-39891Cytokine Mix E for HPC-Expansion Medium DXF1 Mix for 500 ml
C-28020Hematopoietic Progenitor Medium (Ready-to-use)100 ml
Mononuclear Cell Medium
C-28030Mononuclear Cell Medium (Ready-to-use)500 ml
Monocyte Attachment Medium
C-28051Monocyte Attachment Medium (Ready-to-use)250 ml
Dendritic Cell Generation Media
C-28050DC Generation Medium (Ready-to-use)250 ml
C-28052DC Generation Medium DXF (Ready-to-use)250 ml
C-28053DC Base Medium250 ml
C-28054DC Base Medium DXF250 ml
Macrophage Generation Media DXF
C-28057Macrophage Base Medium DXF250 ml
C-28055M1-Macrophage Generation Medium DXF (Ready-to-use)250 ml
C-28056M2-Macrophage Generation Medium DXF (Ready-to-use)250 ml
Blood Cell Separation Medium
C-44010Lymphocyte Separation Medium 1077500 ml

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