Cell Death

Cell death occurs when a cell is no longer able to sustain essential life functions. Cells can die through one of several biochemically distinct pathways, with apoptosis and necrosis being the two most commonly studied mechanisms. While the term “autophagic cell death” would suggest death by autophagy, this form of cell killing occurs only in specific cases, as autophagy is generally considered a pro-survival process. Aside from these three modalities, other forms of cell death described by terms such as “mitotic catastrophe” or “excitotoxicity” are present in the literature. However, more research will have to be done to determine whether these and other named processes truly represent distinct death pathways.


AIF AntibodyCalpain 2 AntibodyCYCS AntibodyJNK1 Antibody
Annexin A1 AntibodyCaspase 1 AntibodyDAP3 AntibodyLamin A/C Antibody
Annexin V AntibodyCaspase 10 AntibodyDAXX AntibodyMCL1 Antibody
APAF1 AntibodyCaspase 11 AntibodyDiablo AntibodyMDM2 Antibody
ASK1 AntibodyCaspase 12 AntibodyDR3 Antibodyp53 Antibody
Bad AntibodyCaspase 14 AntibodyEndoG Antibodyp84 Antibody
BAK AntibodyCaspase 2 AntibodyFADD AntibodyPARP1 Antibody
Bax AntibodyCaspase 3 AntibodyFAS AntibodyPUMA Antibody
Bcl2 AntibodyCaspase 4 AntibodyFASLG AntibodySmac Antibody
BCL2L10 AntibodyCaspase 5 AntibodyFLIP AntibodySurvivin Antibody
BCL2L12 AntibodyCaspase 6 AntibodyHSP27 AntibodyTGM2 Antibody
BCL2L15 AntibodyCaspase 7 AntibodyHSP70 1A AntibodyTRADD Antibody
Bcl-X AntibodyCaspase 8 AntibodyHSP70 1B AntibodyTRAF2 Antibody
Bcl-XL AntibodyCaspase 9 AntibodyHsp90 alpha AntibodyTRAIL Antibody
Bcl-XS AntibodycIAP1 AntibodyHSP90 beta AntibodyXIAP Antibody
Bid AntibodycIAP2 AntibodyICAD Antibody
Calpain 1 AntibodyClusterin AntibodyIRE1 Antibody


APG5 AntibodyATG7 AntibodyGABARAPL1 AntibodyNOD1 Antibody
ATG10 AntibodyATG9A AntibodyGABARAPL2 AntibodyOptineurin Antibody
ATG12 AntibodyBNIP3 AntibodyHMGB1 AntibodyPINK1 Antibody
ATG13 AntibodyBNIP3L AntibodyLC3B AntibodySQSTM1 Antibody
ATG14 AntibodyFIP200 AntibodymTOR AntibodyULK2 Antibody
ATG16L1 AntibodyFIS1 AntibodyNBR1 AntibodyUVRAG Antibody
ATG4B AntibodyFLIP AntibodyNDP52 Antibody


C Reactive Protein AntibodyCyclophilin A AntibodyLDHA Antibody
Cyclophilin 40 AntibodyHMGB1 AntibodyRIP3 Antibody

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